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Human Sans X Frisk (READ DESC.)
Frisk had lost contact with many of her friends becoming ambassador for the Monsters. Frisk was happiest to learn Sans was in town, living relatively close to Toriel's house, where Frisk stayed. Frisk, upon learning, dashed out the door in excitement, sprinting to the snowier area in the place. Knowing that's where Sans would be, she had to bring her black coat, still getting chilled. Sans really knew where cold areas were. Finding a little cabin, with a mailbox, Sans, engraved at the side. She knocked gently on the door, and a smashing noise was heard. The door opened, and Sans, not changing at all, stood. "Uh, who are you?" Sans asked, in a raspy voice.
"Oh wait, don't tell me. Frisk?" Sans smiled weakly. "Yeah, it's been awhile." Frisk gladly beamed, looking around. "Where's Papyrus?" Frisk asked, still looking around, Sans's eyes disappearing. "Don't wanna talk about it." Sans grumbled. Sans and Papyrus had a heated argument a day ago, and he left. "Why did you pick the coldest pla
:iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 1 11
Boris Vs Betty Noir
Betty Noir. A name said through ages of human legend, thought to be locked away. Until a single child unleashed it's unholy powers. Betty, and Akumu. Betty absorbed Sans's soul, Undyne's, and almost Gaster's. But one soul, nothing could take, and to achieve it, takes alot of years, filled of pain, regret, loss, and one final thing...
Betty slowly heard a clap behind her. As she quickly turned, she was surprised at what she saw. A child, about 14, with a paper bag concealing his face, slow clapping at her, slowly shaking his head, his soul fully exposed, like he wanted her to attack. Not wasting anytime, she threw the soul piercing spear, watching in fear as the soul quickly turned pink, and when it hit, Akumu slowly shifted to dust.
"Hurts, don't it."
Betty was smiling, not phased by the loss of her companion. She felt sadness, not able to take control of Boris's attacks, but that would've been difficult anyways, not knowing his attacks. She sprung up, jabbing at Boris. It hit
:iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 0 10
Terraria: The Figure of Night
*joined chat*
IG: Hey dudes
SB: hai
FS: wat lol
IG: whoa calm down bro fam dawg
IG: k
SB: OK, I just started Terraria.
IG, EC, FS: Same
IG: lol
IG: find my map, uh it's #*****
SB: K, found it.
EC: Yep.
FS: Gadeem
*kicks FS*
SB: *Wheezes in other room*
IG: invite ples
SB: k
FS: What the frek bro
*just a couple minutes of terraria-ing*
IG: hey, do you guys see this crap?
SB: no, i'm nowhere in remote place near you
EC: W H A T  I S  I T
FS: yeah, what is this?
EC: teleport me.
*teleports everyone, to see a complete figure, completely in black, unpixelated, and standing still, like a deer in headlights*
IG: hello?
*IG disconnected*
*everyone runs, seeing me disappear, as the black figure takes place exactly where i was*
SB: did everyone see that?
EC: i'm recording, and this is going on youtube.
FS: i'm scared.
SB: guys, what is that noise?
*IG joined, and nearly the same time
:iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 0 0
Glitchtale pt. 1
Betty had already wrecked half of the town. Sans had given his life to save Asriel, and everyone close to him was filled with grief. Especially Gaster, who spent all day, just looking at the stars, the ones monsters dreamed of since so long ago, were merely dead flames. Papyrus could barely leave Gaster's Lab without breaking into tears. Frisk couldn't stand everyone's pain, and she went to Gaster, who was outside, as always. Gaster mumbled to himself, saying something so low, no one could hear it. "I know you're there." Gaster murmured. Frisk walked closer to the monster. "I believe I already know what you came to tell me."
Gaster didn't take the time to even turn around, he just stood. "Well, Undyne is arriving shortly, and I think Papyrus went too, he was finally able to come out of that room." Frisk thought on the brighter side of things. "Yeah. I guess. I might go back in." Gaster teleported Frisk with him, back into the lab, seeing the environment change all around them. The door
:iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 4 4
Real mEME (with instructions) :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 6 24 Never unsee :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 9 4 When your friend scares you :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 9 6 Why :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 3 11 CHINA :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 11 2 Nightmare Fuel :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 2 24 Yes :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 4 3 Papyrus (1) :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 5 3 NERPSTEBLAWWK :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 2 0 pepayraws :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 4 2 THIS IS ABSTRACT :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 2 11 Yes :iconinfamousgopher:InfamousGopher 2 0


See You in Colour :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 28 6 What Happened :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 21 87 Misty Promise :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 39 9 Secret Message in White :iconpancake-the-pikachu:Pancake-the-Pikachu 32 19 Undyne - UT: The hard mode :iconxlyphon:Xlyphon 24 1 Undyne Genocide Form V2 - UT: The hard mode :iconxlyphon:Xlyphon 29 11 (UT: The hard mode) Undyne Genocide form :iconxlyphon:Xlyphon 75 16 BOI :iconxgoldenspikedsavvyx:XGoldenSpikedSavvyX 4 0 sans x frisk - Overtale :iconaniitaruiz:AniiTaRuiz 128 6 Spongetale Sandy :iconaddicted2electronics:Addicted2Electronics 70 17 Spongetale Spongebob :iconaddicted2electronics:Addicted2Electronics 86 25 the look :iconaddicted2electronics:Addicted2Electronics 94 22 HOME is where the heart is :iconaddicted2electronics:Addicted2Electronics 60 13
Mature content
(OFF SPOILERS) OFF meme :iconaddicted2electronics:Addicted2Electronics 57 11
OFF Styled Frisk Sprite :iconaddicted2electronics:Addicted2Electronics 67 16 Nerdy Confession :iconvangold:VanGold 73 11
This is the best DeviantArt things I find, so enjoy!


This is terrible. You need to work on line art, colors, design, and this thing is one big Mary Sue. It's not creative at all, the propo...

The line art is terrible, it looks like a five year old scribbled on a paint program on a Windows 87. The colors are terrible, not fitt...

hey dats pretty good hey dats pretty good hey dats pretty good hey dats pretty good hey dats pretty good hey dats pretty good hey dats ...

kill the ponies kill the ponies kill the ponies kill the ponies kill the ponies kill the ponies kill the ponies kill the ponies kill th...


My brother: I main Bastion!

Me: Oh, that's right, I don't have a brother.
when the school calls saying a friend told someone that i was suicidal, when i'm not.

why random person
The moment I don't like MLP, but listen to Brony songs.


I don't HATE MLP, I hate ponification, but the show, I see why people like it.

The show has good themes, animation, and messages, but it isn't really my show. The fandom, as usually within fandoms, ruined it for me.
Sorry for posting two things within minutes, I need to vent.

The feel when your GREATEST, most TRUSTED person alive shows you something when they know it bothers you.

After coming home from kids messing with my emotions like I'm nothing.

It hurts.

I hate it.

I've dealt with it since 6th grade.

But when someone close to you does it.

It really destroys you.
The opposite of Sky is Earth

The opposite of Middle is Rim

Skyrim is the opposite of Middle-Earth.
Tagged by :iconfirerebelheart:, god dang it.

answering more freakin' questions.

Q.1) How did we meet?

By one of my terrible stories. (coming back to them, expect one soon)

Q. 2) What has been the most random moment in your life

Asked out by my BEST FRIEND from 1st grade.

Q. 3) What mythical creature do you like? Why?


Q. 4) Marvel or DC? Why

DC. It was my childhood, and I'M BATMAN

Q. 5) What's your favorite song, and why?

Knife Party - Bonfire, or NOMA - Brain Power, because just listen to them, and I love dubstep.

Q. 6) So you think even the worst person can change if they just try?

Yeah, with enough sense beaten into them.

Q. 7) Do you ship someone? Video game, real life, shows, etc.


Q. 8) What do you expect from me?

HOPEFULLY NO MORE TAGS TO ME (jk i love doing these, but getting rid of underline words is a pain)

Q. 9) What's your favorite place to be or imagine?


Q. 10) Do you exceed in anything that your proud of?


So, that was fun, and painful.

Just copy and paste the questions, too bored to make any more questions.

:iconjoahjeguy: :iconworldwantspotato: :iconyipkuicooedgeway:

too lazy to tag anyone else.

(please, more people tag me, i wanna do more of these against my will)
  • Listening to: Knife Party - BonFire
  • Reading: Charisk because I'm trash
  • Watching: For anyone on my Discord
  • Playing: Overwatch
  • Eating: Pizza
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I make dumb MS Paint for the lols. I speak two languages.

English - Mastered
Russian- Beginner.



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Joeybacala Featured By Owner 1 day ago
One beautiful Sunday morning, Soldier was making his daily rounds (He usually stretches his jaw above his eyes, because the sun is too bright) until he came across a Sniper. Sniper questioned what Soldier wanted, leading the Soldier to scream, as that is how people greet others in his culture. Sniper ignored this and asked if Soldier would listen to his hilarious new joke that Scout told him the other day. Soldier was deeply offended that Sniper didn't greet him back so he refused to listen to his joke and called him a faggot, then saying that he would proceed to pull a crap out of his ass. This was an ancient technique that his culture used to intimidate their enemies, but Sniper was normally a very bold person, who would not scare easily. Soldier gave up and yelled in rage, as he did not seem to provoke the Sniper in any way. Sniper's friends were returning from their lunch break, when they noticed the Soldier's rather disturbing behavior. Spy remarked that he was disgusted at Soldier, whom replied with another disturbing threat. "I will open up your asses". Demoman and Engineer were taken aback by what they had just been told, but Spy was skeptical. He thought that these were just empty threats and Soldier was just trying to scare them. Soldier then started talking about toilets, and Spy immediately fell in love, as he had a toilet fetish. Engineer knew Spy was falling for Soldier and being a radical homophobic shot both of them dead. He also noticed a dancing Scout in the distance, whom he also shot and killed. Engineer proceeded to take off his helmet and exclaim that he was a god, because he managed to take down a Soldier with one shot of his shotgun. The dispenser lord was pleased and rewarded him a dispenser of his own, however, it crushed both of Demoman's legs when it landed. Engineer told the Demoman that the dispenser wasn't on autopilot, so he had to control it himself. Engineer did a little celebration, calling his beloved new machine beautiful before unknowingly pressing the self-destruct button, obviously leading to his demise. Meanwhile, Soldier and Spy reappeared by mysterious means in a nearby town. Spy was confused and wondered what happened. Soldier, like the asshole he is, rudely insulted Spy, not even thinking about what had just happened. Spy tried to retaliate, only to realize that he had been given brain damage from the shotgun shell to the head. Soldier questioned this weird dialect until he realized that his arch nemesis, Bilbo Baggins speaks in a language similar to the one Spy is using. He pulled a shotgun on Spy, announcing that he is Bilbo Baggins. Demoman, who had also been mysteriously resurrected also knew of the infamous Bilbo Baggins, so he told Soldier to put an end to his reign of terror once and for all. Spy tried to convince Soldier to put down the weapon, but unfortunately, his words came out wrong, once again. Soldier then realized that this wasn't Bilbo Baggins. It was none other than Barble Bapkins. Now, Soldier couldn't shoot Barble Bapkins, as he had the ability to stop bullets in their tracks, so he instead engaged in a fist fight. After a couple blows to the head, Spy was able to form words correctly, and he thanked Soldier for this. But then, Soldier proceeds to rape Spy, still believing he was Barble Bapkins. Soon after climax, a beeping noise could be heard. What nobody knew was that Soldier's semen was made out of nitroglycerin, causing an even bigger explosion, resulting in the deaths of the three men... again. The end.
InfamousGopher Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what the heck man
Joeybacala Featured By Owner 1 day ago
InfamousGopher Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Highly specific. Highly gay.
burninazumaeleven Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
Hello there have you heard princeofmints? If u don't? 
Here is the Link of his two blogs.
Hope you enjoy his art! :3
InfamousGopher Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The first one had a Soviet logo

the other one had a name "I'm Dying Inside"

me in a shellnut
burninazumaeleven Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional General Artist
What do u think? :3
InfamousGopher Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
two words.

my life

soviet depressed
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FemaleTrash45 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yo who's the person that's spamming Tammy?
InfamousGopher Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
IDK, someone.

But we won't tell.
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